Mali Mol (Mul peicio) (Little Pier)

Rovinj’s Mali Mol (Little Pier), built in the Middle Ages, is the centre of Rovinj’s maritime life. Along its sides have always been the boats of Rovinj’s fishermen. It is right here that a walk along Rovinj’s waterfront starts as well as a visit to the open air ‘permanent exhibition’ of the Batana Eco-museum! All Rovinj’s preserved batanas (around 30 of them) are moored along Mali Mol and along Rovinj’s waterfront, and they are a testimony to the importance of this little boat to Rovinj and its inhabitants. Here you can greet the fishermen when they arrive with their fresh catch, chat whilst they clean and mend their nets and prepare for the next fishing trip into Rovinj’s waters. There is always life here, even in the winter months, when Rovinj is covered in an icy sea mist.

Open air Eco-museum – a walk along Rovinj’s waterfront

A walk along the waterfront is an opportunity for all visitors to Rovinj to get to know the batana boats and their owners. The walk begins at Mali Mol and can be taken in two directions: towards the House of Batana and the Mali Škver or towards Rovinj’s sole working shipyard where Rovinj’s boats are repaired today.

Riding on a batana – From the Mali Mol to Spacio Matika

A rowing trip on a batana is a unique and memorable experience of the town for all its visitors! This magical experience normally begins at sunset, and as night falls, the “sviće” (lights) are turned on, which the boat is always equipped with for night fishing and then begins the ‘Rovinj trip of dreams’ from Mali Mol, around the peninsular of the old town’s centre, to Spacio Matika where the Eco-museum’s gastronomic-musical evenings continue. Your hosts are owners of Rovinj batana boats and members of the Eco-museum, barkarioli (boatmen) who, with joy and Rovinj’s special charm, will make this experience of Rovinj ‘from the batana perspective’ unforgettable!